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Event Photos

Quite often KTC’s first hike of the season ends up with wind, rain, and sometimes even snow. How lucky the eleven of us were to have a fairly nice day to hike the Upper Swale Canyon.

IMG_0381 (2)
As we started the hike on the morning of March 22, Swale Creek had an interesting black swirl on the water. Getting close to the water we found thousands of snow bugs floating together in a mass that created the black swirl.

IMG_1999 Large mass of snow bugs
The rare Dalles Mt. Buttercup was found still in bloom. Just beyond the curved trestle the purple parsley had just begun to show its purple blooms. There were plenty of Indian Celery, Pungent Desert Parsley, and Prairie Stars. We had a sighting of a Swallowtail Butterfly and a large bumble bee.

IMG_2006 Purple Parsley


There was time to talk and share with one another treats such Nancy’s homemade cookies and “Knock You Naked” brownies. … What a great day we all had for the start of KTC’s Spring of 2015 hikes. Thank you leaders Nancy Allen and Carolyn Wright.

IMG_2008 Pungent Desert Parsley



 Photos courtesy of KTC Board Member Bev Linde