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This year KTC turns 21…! We celebrated on October 28th starting out with a tailgate breakfast at the Lyle Trailhead. For the past 21 years, KTC has worked hard to make this once impassable and controversial Trail a beautiful recreational gem that benefits users, local businesses, Klickitat County, and the Columbia River Gorge. At the beginning, KTC did lots of physical labor just to make the Trail useable, and in the forefront of getting rid of illegal “No Trespassing” signs and other barriers to Trail use. Then we worked on trail basics like signage, outhouses, and boards over trestles. We also pushed for larger projects, such as developing the Lyle Trailhead and decking the Fisher Hill Trestle. Now we are delighted to report that the Trail is getting a great deal of use and every year is a more accepted part of the community! When we are weeding or picking up trash, folks often tell us how much they enjoy the Trail and that they use it regularly for health and exercise. We see all the uses it was intended for – hikers, bikers, and horses.

Click here to read KTC president Barbara Robinson’s annual letter to members and supporters describing progress along the way.

Your annual membership in the Klickitat Trail Conservancy (KTC) is critical to our success. If you are an existing member of the KTC, we thank you.  To become a member, please print and mail us the completed membership form on this page, together with your check.

KTC members enjoying a beautiful spring bike ride.

To simply make a contribution by check, please mail it to our contact address.

How are your membership dollars utilized? Here are some of the ways:

  • Enables us to keep you abreast of new trail  developments and happenings via our listserv, website, and newsletters. At your equest, we will happily add you to our email listserv.
  • Supports our ability to provide portable toilets at trailhead locations and install new gates and fences.
  • 100% of your annual membership contribution is used to help us continue to preserve and promote public use of the Klickitat Trail for all to enjoy.

Thank you very much for your support!

Secure online contributions through PayPal are most welcome and greatly appreciated !!