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UPDATE on SWALE CANYON closure during trail upgrades:
Start date of closure: June 21, 2024
End date of closure: April 1, 2025

The Swale Canyon section of Klickitat Trail will be closed to public entry effective 06/21/24. This is due to a combination of factors including increased seasonal fire danger and the improvement project.
Closure is from Harms Road to Wahkiacus. It does not impact the rest of the Trail between Lyle and Klickitat.

The Swale Canyon section of Klickitat Trail will be closed 06/21/24 for fire season and remain closed due to construction until Spring of 2025.

Except for Swale Canyon, all other sections are open for recreational enjoyment.

Swale Canyon is a unique resource and upgrades such as decking and railings on the many trestles, removal of debris piles, and placement of gravel in the many sections of the trail where the original railroad ballast rock made travel difficult. Significantly, the debris piles removed from Swale Canyon are anticipated to be utilized in the pending Suburbia Bridge replacement project.

Replacement of the Suburbia bridge (removed following the ’96 flood) is slowly moving forward. Washington State Parks officials report 3 proposals continue to move through the design and permitting process. The currently preferred proposal, a suspension design, is “favorably” supported by tribal representatives. A final design is expect in 6-8 months. Completion of this bridge, relieving the need to travel on Hwy 142 to continue on the Klickitat Trail, is a high priority of KTC.

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