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About KTC

KTC Mission Statement

To preserve and promote the public use of the 31-mile Klickitat Trail as a Recreational, Cultural, Natural, Educational, and Economic Asset of Klickitat County.

KTC Board of Directors

President: Ken Hansen — Lyle, Washington
Vice President: Annick Chalier — Lyle, Washington
Secretary:  Jim Minick — Lyle, Washington
Treasurer:  Steven Woolpert — White Salmon, Washington

Barbara Robinson, President Emeritus — Lyle, Washington
Jim Denton — Odell, Oregon
Nancy Allen — Wasco, Oregon
Bev Linde — Goldendale, Washington
Pam Essley — Lyle, Washington

Serin Buck — Lyle, Washington
Anna Marlin — Goldendale, Washington

Visit KTC’s Trail History page to learn how it all began

Klickitat Trail Improvements Gain Momentum

From KTC president emeritus Barbara Robinson:  New bridges and new trail-beds are in our future! I want to emphasize that your support and kind words are very important to encouraging us and keeping the Klickitat Trail Conservancy going. I am so pleased to be able to share this progress report with you and hope you know that you had a VERY important role in making it all happen. These grants are big steps in the right direction. I hope you are as pleased as we are!

1. Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program Grant: The Klickitat Trail – Bridging the Final Gap

Repair the 1-mile disconnect on the Klickitat Trail immediately north of the town of Klickitat. This ambitious grant encompasses 1) a new bridge over the Klickitat River at Suburbia to replace the missing trestle; 2) a small bridge over Snyder Creek in Klickitat to replace a lost trestle; and 3) one mile of new trailbed between these bridges, finally connecting Klickitat and Suburbia. This will finally make the entire 31-mile Klickitat trail fully continuous and much more accessible to hike and bike.

2. Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program Grant: Swale Canyon Trestle & Improvements

Major trestle repair and general improvements to the Swale Canyon section of the trail.

KTC 2018 Grant Announcement here…