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KTC Trail Map and Vicinity
These trail maps date back to 2007.  Depending on your connection speed, they might take a minute or two to load, but the wait is definitely worth it. If for any reason these maps do not download for you, send email to info@klickitat-trail.org to request a paper copy.

Klickitat Trail Map (front)

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Klickitat Trail Map (back)

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Helpful tips for downloading each side of the maps (in PDF format):

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Tip:  The maps are printable on either letter or legal size paper, but you will likely need to increase or decrease the magnification setting for optimal viewing.  After you click on the link and the PDF map appears, look on the tool bar above it Notice what percentage of total size appears.  My default setting is 57%.  However, depending on an individual's computer, their default setting may be completely different.  To adjust the size of the map to appear larger, click the plus sign ( + ).  To make it smaller, click the minus sign ( - ).  We recommend using the landscape option for printing instead of portrait.  E-mail us if you encounter printing problems, or wish to request a map by mail.

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The Route

Lyle on SR 14

MP 0.0 -  Lyle
Park across SR 14 from Northwest Realty Group at the west end of town, just after crossing the Klickitat River Bridge. A portable toilet is here. From the Trailhead, proceed north parallel to SR 142. 

MP 1.6 - Fisher Hill Bridge
North of Lyle on SR 142 following the Klickitat River. Park on the SR 142 shoulder just before the bridge. Please do not interfere with any tribal fishing. Be sure to stay on the Trail as it proceeds north of the old railroad trestle.   

MP 10 – Pitt
Park across the street from the row of houses. There is a portable toilet located in the parking area. Going west, pass through or around the double gates to access the Trail.  Going north, simply walk the gravel road close to the highway for 100 yards. Enter through the unlocked gate. 

MP 13 - Klickitat
The community park abuts the Trail one block south and across SR 142 from the gas station.  It is the location of the former railroad station in town.  Going south from here is the preferred option. The Trail north is in poor condition.  Plans to improve the poor conditions of the Trail north of here are off in the distant future. 

MP 16 – Wahkiacus
Approximately 3 miles north of Klickitat, along SR 142, turn right and take Horseshoe Bend Rd. and cross the Klickitat River bridge. Follow the road a few hundred yards east until it intersects with Schilling Rd.  Turn right onto Schilling Rd. -- the parking area is on the immediate right.  There is a portable toilet located in the parking area.  Going west toward Klickitat is a pretty three mile hike along the river with no houses or roads.  You will then encounter the washed-out trestle and need to return the same way.  Through bicyclists from the upper Trail should turn north at this parking lot, proceed a few yards to Horseshoe Bend Rd., turn left and cross the bridge over the Klickitat River.  Then turn left again onto paved SR 142 and reconnect with the Trail three miles later in the town of Klickitat.  Going east is scenic and very easy walking.  It is the lower entrance to Swale Canyon. 

28.5 - Harms Rd.
From downtown Lyle on SR 14,
turn left onto the Centerville Highway (between the gas station and the café).  Travel approximately 15 miles northeast.  Turn left at Harms Rd.  Go north for ˝ mile, cross the Swale Creek bridge, and park on the shoulder of the county road. There is a portable toilet located in the parking area. Going west from this Trailhead leads you into the beautiful Swale Canyon.  Due to its remoteness and lack of communication services, it is NOT recommended to travel this section of trail alone. East of this Trailhead, the Klickitat Trail ends at Uecker Rd., a pleasant 2-mile trek.

We'd love to get your feedback!  Your cooperation in completing a KTC Trail Monitoring Report form and submitting it to KTC will be greatly appreciated. See the KTC Trail Monitoring Report form for details.

Questions?  Email us at info@klickitat-trail.org.


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