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Klickitat Trail Map

Swale Canyon section of the Klickitat Trail is CLOSED for the Summer season.  The section affected is from the Wahkiakus trailhead to Harms Road trailhead.  It is closed due to the potential hazard of either a person getting trapped in Swale Canyon during a fire, or of a person causing a fire there. This annual temporary closure is based upon Washington State Dept of Natural Resources fire hazard ratings for Klickitat County.  Currently, the rating is “High”.

As always, Swale Canyon will be opened again in the Fall when the hazard returns to “Moderate”, which usually happens mid-October.

The other 18 miles of the Trail always stay open all year around.  This includes the 2.5 mile section West of Wahkiakus, where it is very nice along the Klickitat River.  Also open is the 2.5 mile section East of Harms Road, which goes through rolling farm land. The Klickitat Trail, a non-motorized multiple use trail, follows the first 31 miles of an old railroad corridor that once linked the towns of Lyle and Goldendale.


Click here for downloadable Klickitat Trail map in PDF format