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January and February are Prime Time for Eagle Viewing

January and February are the prime months for eagle viewing on the Klickitat Trail  From as far away as Canada, hundreds of bald eagles migrate to the Columbia Gorge from the north.  And with salmon runs going up the Klickitat River, this translates to lots of bald eagles along the Klickitat Trail.  Walking approximately 1.5 miles along the Klickitat Trail from the new trailhead north toward the replanked, thrilling Fisher Hill Bridge is a great way to view eagles.  Another great spot to observe the action is from the Balfour-Klickitat Day Use Park.  The park is on the other side of the bridge over the Klickitat River at the entrance to the town of Lyle.  Turn right on Old Highway 8 and after about a quarter mile, turn right into the parking lot.  The day use park has plenty of parking, restrooms, and a half-mile paved trail that does an easy loop around a naturalized park.

The best time of day to observe these birds is earlier in the day, rather than later in the evening.  Be sure to wear warm clothing and bring binoculars and a camera.

Photos courtesy of Darryl Lloyd, Longshadow Photography, January 30, 2010
Note:  The diving eagle in the second image isn't real, but everything else is.

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