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COVID-19 Update:
In accordance with the governor’s extension of the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, all state lands will continue to be closed to the public through May 4.

The temporary closure is in response to Gov. Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order. For the Klickitat Trail, that means the trail is CLOSED. Parking and sanitation are the two big issues. If people are using the toilets, they are touching surfaces that others have touched. If no toilets, then folks may be leaving unsanitary conditions for others, or trespassing onto private adjacent lands to do their business. And if the trailheads are closed, folks will tend to park along the side of roads or in front of the houses or driveways of others, which the Forest Service and State Parks do not want. We know it can be physically painful not to hike our usual favorite spots in the Gorge. But for now, we need to stick to the public roads including USFS roads and county roads and the few trails that are not closed. Thank you for your understanding. Keep your distance…safety for all

Directions to Trailheads

  • Lyle: To get there from the Portland area, take I-84 east to the third Hood River Exit (#64), cross the Hood River Bridge to Washington, and turn right (east) on Hwy. 14. Go about 13 miles to the Klickitat River Bridge (the entrance to Lyle), and just beyond the bridge turn left (north) on Hwy. 142. Immediately turn left at the trailhead entrance. There are restroom facilities at this location.
  • Pitt: Go 10 miles north from SR-14 on SR-142. There is a parking area across the street from the row of houses. There is a portable toilet at this location.
  • Klickitat Town Park: Drive 13 miles up Hwy 142 to the middle of the town of Klickitat, and look for a grocery store on the left. Park just beyond the grocery store, on the left by the little park under the trees.
  • Wahkiacus: Take Hwy. 142 about 16 miles (about 3 miles past the town of Klickitat), turn right on Horseshoe Bend Rd. and cross the bridge over the Klickitat River. In a few hundred yards turn right on Schilling Rd., and then take an immediate right into a parking area with a portapotty. From here you can hike west along the Klickitat to the mineral springs and beyond, or you can cross Schilling Rd and head east into Swale Canyon.

    Please note: Beginning June 10, 2019 the Wahkiacus bridge across the Klickitat River on Horseshoe Bend Rd., 3 miles north of Klickitat, will be closed for repair and won’t re-open until around October 1, 2019. This means after June 10th there will be no easy direct access to KTC’s Wahkiacus Trailhead. Also, Schilling Rd. will be one-way coming down to Wahkiacus and Horseshoe Bend Rd. will be one-way going up, for access from the Centerville Hwy.
  • Harms Rd.: From Lyle, take the Lyle-Centerville Hwy., which starts in the center of Lyle between the gas station and the Cafe. Head north for approximately 15 miles. Watch for the sign for the Klickitat Trail and turn left on Harms Rd. Drive north one-half mile and park just north of the trestle bridge over Swale Creek. There is a portable toilet at this location.