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Alert:  As of 12:01 AM July 3, 2018, fire danger in Klickitat County is rated “High”, therefore annual closure of the Swale Canyon section of the Klickitat Trail is in effect. When the fire danger returns to a safe level, usually around mid-October, this section will once again be open for hiking and biking. All other sections of the trail are open year around. To view the fire danger ratings, visit Washington DNR at this link.

Biking the trail can be an exhilarating experience.  The scenery is incredible, but in many places the trail is also incredibly rough. Following some biking tips will greatly enhance your biking experience on the Klickitat Trail. For more handy tips and general information for having a fun ride, see Bob Hansen’s article, Biking the Klickitat Trail

Swale Canyon Ride

Biking Tips for the Klickitat Trail

redstarExpect to take 3 to 5 hours to bike the entire trail.

redstar    Front suspension for your bike HIGHLY recommended.

redstar  Carry at least 3 liters of water on a hot day. You can refill water bottles in the town of Klickitat.

redstar  Slime in your inner tubes will help prevent flats.

redstar  Carry a tire repair kit. Yellow-star thistle burrs and Goat Head thorns (aka Puncturevine) are notorious for puncturing tires.

redstar  Bikers need to exit the trail at Schilling Road, and re-connect in the town of Klickitat via SR 142.

redstar  Carry extra food, sun screen and a first aid kit.

redstar  Beware of ticks, poison oak and rattlesnakes. Lime Disease is in the area, check for ticks!

redstar  There is currently NO predictable cell phone coverage on the trail, especially in remote Swale Canyon.

redstar  The only way in or out of Swale Canyon is at the trailheads.

redstar  Stay on the trail. Private property abuts the trail in most places.

Photo: Ashleigh Coyner